Winona is a character in Emerald Origins. She is a newly assigned gym leader of Fortree City and a close friend of Wallace.

Emerald Origins Edit

Winona is greeted by Kate at her gym. She is initially complimented for her eyes, presumably due to Kate's instant fascination for anything Japanese-looking, but after Winona wins against Kate, Kate becomes hostile and leaves the gym.

Although Damon intended to take revenge and beat Winona, he was stopped by Wallace and Steven, who defeated him and forced them both to run away. Instead, Winona was later greeted by Wallace and Steven. The two had a friendly match, with Wallace winning.

Winona was there to observe Juan's Wingull delivering a letter to Wallace. Winona encouraged Wallace to respond to him but respected that Wallace did not intend to go back to Sootopolis, and promised she would not help Seymour try to find him. She then flew the Origin duo to Meteor Falls with her Altaria, who was a superior flyer compared to Skarmory.

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Wallace and Winona were reunited when Winona was exploring around Rustboro and hit up in the weather storm. Winona expressed empathy for Wallace when she heard Sootopolis was the origin of the weather disaster. Later on at the urging of Steven she gave Altaria to Wallace in order to aid his fight against Seymour.

Pokemon Team Edit

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Personality Edit

Winona looks airy and dreamy to others, but to Wallace she is more open and cheerful with him. She proves to be a very kind friend as she always offers Wallace help and a shoulder to lean on. However, she also proves not to be a pushover as she does not seem to fall for Kate's charms and is able to put Kate into her place.

Trivia Edit

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