Gender: Male
Home: Auros
Pokemon Type: Diverse
' Mother, father, sister
Current: Team Victory
Past: Unknown

Victor is the main antagonist of Emerald Skies. He is the leader of Team Victory.

Emerald Skies Edit

Victor is a mess. Victor is a waste.

He is also the boss of Team Victory, a group whose agenda is to prevent the population increase in the region in order to preserve the environment of the Pokemon. He often hangs around with his crew including Blanca, Bruna and Sienna.

He takes an immediate dislike to Wallace and the rest of Team Origin. At some point he probably gets punched in the face by Wallace.

Victor's house can be visited in Route 504. It is revealed he was engaged to a woman before she broke it off due to political differences.

Pokemon Team Edit

Emerald Skies Edit

Pokemon Genesect Mewtwo Metagross Regigigas Deoxys Reshiram
Type Bug/ Steel Psychic Steel/ Psychic Normal Pychic Dragon/ Fire
Gender N N N N N N
Ability Download Pressure Clear Body Slow Start Pressure Turboblaze
Item Sitrus Berry Life Orb Leftovers Leftovers Normal Gem Draco Plate
Moves X-Scissor Thunderbolt Bullet Punch Power-Up Punch Hyper Beam Fusion Flare
Shift Gear Shadow Ball Thunder Punch Drain Punch Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse
Iron Head Psystrike Power-Up Punch Confuse Ray Thunderbolt Roost
Extreme Speed Aura Sphere Meteor Mash Crush Grip Psychic Extrasensory

Personality Edit

Victor is well-spoken and, on a technical level, polite, but also bigoted with an intolerance for everything he does not understand. He presents himself as smart and at times sarcastic and patronizing, but always calm until pushed to his limit.

He claims that he feels population control is needed to prevent overwhelming the environment of Pokemon, but in truth he likely does not care for Pokemon as it becomes apparent he has other interests in mind.