Gender: Female
Home: Auros
Pokemon Type: Red
Mother, Father, younger sisters
Current: Team Victory
Past: Unknown

Sienna is an antagonist in Emerald Skies. She is part of Team Victory.

Emerald Skies Edit

Sienna works in Team Victory as one of the administrators. She can be first seen attempting to cause an explosion at the Aquarium, though not before giving a friendly introduction of herself to Wallace.

There is a house in Route 503 with a family implied to be Sienna's. They apparently had a daughter who was into Pokemon training rather than taking over her father's business. She brought a friend home and got into trouble, before deciding to leave the family.

Pokemon Teams Edit

Emerald Skies Edit

Pokemon Victini Charizard Magmar Electrode Scolipede Bisharp
Type Psychic/ Fire Fire/ Flying Fire Electric Bug/ Poison Dark/ Steel
Gender N F F N F F
Ability VIctory Star Blaze Flame Body Aftermath Speed Boost Pressure
Item White Herb Heat Rock Eviolite Magnet King's Rock Rocky Helmet
Moves V-Create Sunny Day Thunder Punch Volt Switch Steamroller Assurance
Bolt Strike Hyper Beam Power-Up Punch Thunder Pin Missile Dual Chop
Psyshock Heat Wave Body Slam Swagger Poison Jab Knock Off
Heat Wave Dragon Pulse Cross Chop Magnet Rise Twineedle Iron Head

Personality Edit

Sienna seems to be the most level-headed of the team and is capable of friendly communication with her enemies. She considers herself to be the glue that keeps Team Victory together, and can become fiercely protective. However, she can also become somewhat of a hothead if provoked.

Trivia Edit

"Sienna" means red.