Gender: Male
Home: Sootopolis
Pokemon Type: Water
Children (Adopted) Wallace, Lisia
Current: Gym Leader
Past: None

Juan is a character in Emerald Origins. He is the gym leader of Sootopolis and a close father figure to Wallace.

Emerald Origins Edit

Juan is the figure of inspiration to Wallace - unlike Seymour, Juan encourages Wallace to be proud of himself and cherish Pokemon and all his friends. Juan is therefore likely to have hugely influenced Wallace's attitude in life.

Wallace has a friendly battle with Juan after Juan proposes that Wallace can take over as the leader should Juan retire his role. Impressed, Juan is convinced that Wallace should be the one entrusted with his gym in the future.

This unfortunately does not sit well with Wallace's father, Seymour, who forces Wallace to give up his role at the gym. Wallace ends up running from Sootopolis and he is not found in a rescue search attempt. This angers Juan, although Seymour's apparent remorse for his actions makes Juan willing to give Seymour another chance. Juan sends a Wingull out with a letter to Wallace, urging him to respond if he is safe. It could be assumed that Juan had to look after Lisia in both the absence of Wallace and Seymour, and that he may have had to temporarily close the gym.

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Wallace does respond back, but Seymour returns to Sootopolis and threatens to break into the Cave of Origin. Juan attempts to stop him, but it is implied they may have not even had the chance to engage in a fair Pokemon battle. Juan is physically wounded outside the cave, but Wallace is able to talk to him. It is here that Juan reveals the truth about Seymour. While he is unable to stop Wallace entering the cave, it seems that Steven probably came across him outside of the cave as well, and after Steven's urging to help Wallace out, Juan gave his Kingdra to help Wallace defeat Seymour.

Juan recovers after Seymour is defeated and is established to be Wallace's next of kin since Seymour was no longer around.

Pokemon Team (Emerald Origins) Edit

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Personality Edit

Juan boasts pride and eccentricity, but also a warm heart which wins over Wallace and many others. He believes that pride in one's identity and the strength of friendship is the most important thing, and he is able to successfully teach this to Wallace.

He also proves to be a much better father figure to Wallace and Lisia than Seymour, since he is far more protective of the children and is even willing to defy Seymour for their sake.

Trivia Edit

Kingdra is a beast