Bruna is an antagonist in Emerald Skies and part of Team Victory. She works as the deputy and secretary of Team Victory and is apparently close to its boss, Victor.

Emerald Skies Edit

Bruna does not speak much and talks in an almost robotic-like manner. She takes her work seriously and can even get into disputes with her team mates when she feels they are incompetent. Despite her distance, she and Victor work closest within the team.

There is a house shared by two girls who are looking for another roomate since their original roomate left without any notice due to her lack of communication with them. It is implied it could have been Bruna.

Pokemon Team Edit

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Pokemon Zekrom Umbreon Weavile Arbok Gothorita Houndoom
Type Dragon/ Electric Dark Dark/ Ice Poison Psychic Dark/ Fire
Gender N F F F F F
Item Life Orb Leftovers Focus Sash Eviolite
Ability Teravolt Synchronize Pickpocket Shed Skin Competitive Unnerve
Moves Fusion Bolt Curse Ice Shard Coil Calm Mind Fire Blast
Outrage Assurance Knock Off Poison Jab Dark Pulse Sunny Day
Crunch Sucker Punch Power-up Punch Seed Bomb Psychic Sludge Bomb
Stone Edge Return X-Scissor Sucker Punch Toxic Snarl

Personality Edit

Bruna is quiet-spoken and seems to never smile. She speaks in a very blunt and straightforward manner. Little is known of her due to her lack of social engagement. However she does seem to be the closest towards Victor more than the other members of the team and quite protective of him.