Gender: Female
Home: Auros (origin Sootopolis)
Pokemon Type: Water
Current: Team Origin
Past: Elite Four

Azura is a character who first makes an appearance in Emerald Skies. She is the sister of Wallace, mother of Lisia and daughter of Seymour.

Backstory Edit

Azura was raised in Sootopolis with Wallace by Seymour. Due to being a girl, Seymour largely disregarded her and saw no future prospects for her other than to raise children for continuing the Ancient Sootopolitan lineage. Disheartened by the fact that she had no expected ambitions, Azura ran away from Hoenn as a teen and decided to start a new life in another region.

Azura met an unamed man and became romantically involved with him. She later became pregnant with a child who would eventually be Lisia. However, while she was pregnant, her partner had left her and she was left to raise Lisia alone.

She became ill with a long-term condition shortly after giving birth to Lisia, forcing her to give up her daughter - however, not wanting to completely abandon her, she made a compromise by sending Lisia back to Sootopolis to live with Wallace and Seymour. She remained in long-term hospital care until she finally made a recovery, where she was able to be reunited with Lisia.

However, Azura focussed more on rebuilding her own life and did not seem to be able to build a family relationship with Lisia. Because of this, Lisia felt more bonded with Wallace and Juan, and decided that she wanted to go back and live in Hoenn where she could achieve her own ambitions.

Azura does however become a successful member of the Elite Four in another region, specializing in mainly Water-type Pokemon. After spending some time in the Elite Four however, she retires her position to focus on other interests in life.

Emerald Skies Edit

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Pokemon Team Edit

Emerald Skies Edit

Pokemon Suicune Lapras Vaporeon Lumineon Seismitoad Altaria
Type Water Water/ Ice Water Water Water/ Ground Dragon/ Flying
Gender N F F F F F
Ability Water Absorb Water Absorb Water Absorb Storm Drain Water Absorb Natural Cure
Item Leftovers Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry Damp Rock Dragon Gem
Moves Toxic Heal Bell Wish Rain Dance Earthquake Dragon Dance
Calm Mind Toxic Ice Beam Waterfall Drain Punch Roost
Ice Beam Frost Breath Toxic U-turn Poison Jab Outrage
Scald Thunderbolt Signal Beam Return Thunder Punch Petal Blizzard

Personality Edit

Azura is gentle and soft-spoken, similar to her brother Wallace but without the eccentricity or blatant shows of display. However in any case, she also has a spot for beauty and likes to present herself quite nicely. She is quite supportive of Wallace and his identity as well as his relationship with Steven.

She is also very strong despite her seemingly gentle nature, from the fact that her Pokemon team is very well built and she was well-known for being one of the toughest obstacles of the Elite Four in her time, with some arguing that she was even better than the Champion. She shares this trait of a skilled trainer with Wallace.

She is regretful of not building a better relationship with Lisia, but she understands that Lisia had become imprinted on Wallace and Juan more than herself, and that only Hoenn would allow her to achieve her career ambitions.

Trivia Edit

pregnancy is tough